Independent Director Services

The Staff of RK Advisors, LLC has served as Independent Director, Independent Manager / Member as well as Springing / Special Member on 100's of Delaware Special Purpose Vehicles.  Whether our services are needed to satisfy requirements of lenders to maintain bankruptcy remoteness or to help preserve the business judgement test, we can provide professional individuals who will understand the underlying transaction and work with highly regarded Delaware attorneys in ensuring any vote we are required to provide is done so with full knowledge of the underlying facts and law.  

Additionally, if your transaction has Delaware nexus requirements, RK Advisors can provide all of the administrative, accounting, and office space services you require.  

RK Advisors is committed to helping our clients meet or exceed their financial objectives by taking on as much of your special purpose vehicle services as you need to allow you to focus on what you do best …. grow your business.  


        Richard Klumpp